Dementia Care

We believe that everyone living with dementia has the right to enjoy a high quality of life in surroundings that are familiar. Our carers are given proper training in how to communicate with people suffering from dementia. Most of our carers have long back ground of working with people with dementia those with less experience will be given training before they start to work with our clients. We also take the time to train family members in dementia care, enabling you to enjoy time with your family. Our highly trained carers work very closely with people with dementia to learn about their history, personality, likes and dislikes. Whether it’s helping with social activities or simply listening, by taking the time to understand people our carers help people get the most of life. Every person within our organisation undertake different training that helps them to understanding dementia from the perspective of the person On-going training and mentoring, based on the latest thinking and research has made our carers the best when it comes to work with those living with dementia.

Caregivers are trained to:

  • Maintain a safe environment
  • Manage changing behaviour
  • Provide nutritious meals
  • Provide mind-stimulating activities
  • Create social interaction
  • Supervise daily activities

Caregivers can also provide assistance with enhancing and restoring the simple pleasures of life, such as a walk in the park, a trip out the car or spending time in the garden. These care activities are proven to maximise abilities and independence.
The best place for a person with memory loss is in familiar surroundings. The services provided by Courage Health Care are a valuable, trusted solution to help your loved one maintain a regular routine, enhancing his or her quality of life.