Social Care

Loneliness is a major problem for older people living at home. There are high rates of depression and loneliness particularly among those with complex health problems or who have suffered bereavement, which social interaction can alleviate.
At Courage we are there for you just one call you are sorted. There are wide varieties of social care services available and most people will be able to have care provided in their home.
The kind of social care support you can get depends largely on your needs. This means the type of condition you have, or the severity of your disability. For example, if you have trouble walking, you may simply require some equipment to help you remain mobile and independent. But if you develop a condition that seriously affects your mental capacity or your ability to move and look after yourself, you are likely to need a much wider range of social care services
Our expert care teams ensure individuals and couples can achieve a better quality of life by receiving outstanding levels of care and social interaction that aim to promote health and overall wellbeing.